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Our Mission   is to train professionals in unicist homeopathy with a high level and a deep consciousness and motivation in the study of classical homeopathy. The focus is aimed to a scientific, modern and practical knowledge which allows to make clear the medical and homeopathic skills, avoiding any form of fanatism or dogmatism that may impair progress and healing. We try to form professionals so they can succesfully apply their abilities  with coherence and firmly commited to improve the health of their patients by means of an ethical and respectul use of the aquired knowledge .


                  Vitalis Medical Homeopathic Foundation is a public well being association which was born with the goal of promoting  and developing homeopathic medicine. The Argentine Center for the Teaching and Research of  Homeopathic Medicine is the organism through which the training of  professionals in the branches of Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry and Pharmacology is developed. Our courses are the most complete and offer the most advanced instruction and teaching tecniques in classical homeopathy available today. The courses of Homeopathic Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry and Pharmacy and the Postgraduate Superior Course of Continual Training and the rest of the courses and atheneums held in the institution are dedicated to sistematically guide the student through the theory, history, philosophy, materia medica, repertory and practical aspects of the patient handling.

    The Center for the Teaching and Research of  Homeopathic Medicine is conformed by a group of experimented Medical physicians and Veterinary professionals who felt the need of combining the outlines of classical homeopathy with the modern scientific methodology added to a dinamic education which brings the students the posibility of learning in harmony with their own resources and necessities.
        We believe that our highest function is to transmit to the students the knowledge, abilities, and great confidence in themselves and in the homeopathic principles so they can  become capable of helping their patients in any kind of diseases.

         The team of professors of the Foundation is caracterized by an open and friendly attitude towards the student. They don’t dissapear when the class is over, they are always predisposed to share other moments, continuing with the teaching in a distended and informal way. The student´s scepticism and critical spirit, their doubts and questions, are welcome and considered highly positive by the professors of the Foundation. In that way, a current of mutual respect and great cordiality is developed between students and the foundations staff.
    |    The professors of the Vitalis Foundation develop and promote an important labor of Homeopathic Research with original contributions in different journals, congresses, and clinical updates and specially in the trascendental field of the Homeopathic Pathogenetic Trial (experimentation in healthy volunteers). Following the Double Pure Experimentation Protocol designed by Dr. Carlos N. Cámpora the first four provings done in the last 50 years in Argentina have been developed in our foundation.

          The Teaching Consulting Rooms represent the student´s ideal opportunity to assist and take part of the care of patients under the guide and close supervision of the team of professors, allowing them to put  to use the acquired knowlege. This is, according to the greatests homeopaths of the history, the most important way of learning Homeopathic Medicine.

Besides, the professors of Vitalis, take part of the Solidary Attention Plan, destinated to the free of charge assistance of those patients lacking in economic resources.  There is a path to develop a service vocation, exercising a sincere solidarity and allowing homeopathy to cure  where is most needed.