Fundación Médica Homeopática Vitalis
Centro de Enseñanza e Investigación Médica Homeopática Argentina 

Homeopathic Medicine Intensive Course:

Specially designed to allow homeopaths or those interested in homeopathy of other countries to maximise the learning a year period of studies in Argentina.

The program includes theoric and practical teachings, paying special attention to the development of the necessary skills to solve the complexity of problems the homeopath faces in his daily work.

The main objetive is to establish a solid base and a deep comprehension of the philosophy and principles of homeopathy, acquiring at the same time an acute training over the different aspects of homeopathy - symptoms interpretation, materia medica, repertorization, etc - giving special enphasis to their practical application.
Structure of the Course:

· Theoric training:
A. Presential: 2 weekends monthly: fridays from 18 to 21 hs. and saturdays from 9 to 12 hs. and from 14 to17 hs..

B. Videorecordings: 12 hours / month.

C. Atheneums: 2 hours / month.

D. Advanced courses in Clinical Homeopathy and Study and Treatment of Acute Cases:
50 hours / year.

· Practical Training:
A. In teaching Consulting Rooms: 25 hs / month.

B. In Solidary Attention Rooms: 16 hours / month.

C. Videorecordings of clinical cases: 12 hours /

During this year of studies, the students complete the programs of the first and second years of the Career of Homeopathic Medicine plus the Postgraduate Superior Course of Continual Training, and they take active part of every post graduate activity of the Foundation.

They acquire great pactice-skills in the attention of patients considering that during the course of the year they assist to an average of 650 clinical cases.

Program duration: one year completing
1140 hours: 404 theoric 736 practical.

Starting April 2005.

Language: English - Spanish.