Fundación Médica Homeopática Vitalis
Centro de Enseñanza e Investigacion Médica Homeopática Argentina 

Research Activities:

Pathogenesis: Experiments on healthy volunteers with highly diluted and dynamized substances are Hahneman's most significant original discovery. The Foundation's team of lecturers, by applying the Double Protocol of Pure Experimentation designed by Dr. Carlos N. Cámpora, has performed the first four pathogenesis carried out in Argentina in the last fifty years. Although participation in these activities is optional for our students, the quality of the experience and expertise gained by the attending physicians is unique, and it enables them to understand the process of homeopathic symptom development and healing of patients directly out of practice and from the source.

Bibliographical Research: One of the essential and committed tasks of the homeopathic practitioner in relation to his work and the future of the homeopathy is the deep and consistent research into its sources of information and its medical and historical context, which includes the assessment of the quality of the existing information. Fundación Médica Homeopática Vitalis has set in motion the Team of Research Physicians, which reviews and updates bibliographical data systematically and continuously. The results of this work appear from time to time in a wide range of publications, symposia and courses, but also in the Debates of Bibliographical Review and repertory Update.

Repertory Update: Research on Clinical Cases The report and analysis of healed clinical cases, along with extensive follow up and systematic collection of the modifications caused by homeopathic remedies, enable the Foundation's physicians to work in order to allow such invaluable information to be available for their clinical healings, to other colleagues and, above all, to our students.